Transform your leadership journey by embracing complexity

dr. Larry Stapleton 

Knewfutures was established by Dr. Larry Stapleton to support organisations, managers and leaders who find themselves at the edge of chaos. 

As an expert in digital-driven transformation with over thirty years experience with hundreds of firms in dozens of countries all over the world, including post-conflict zones and developing regions, Larry believes that the age of complexity requires rethinking…

  • leadership style
  • management systems and processes, including digital technology
  • organisational culture and mindset.

Working with the KF Associate network Larry will design and deliver insights, bespoke education and training programmes and more enable your team leverage the opportunities and manage the challenges that the age of complexity presents..

Meet Larry

TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education

What a great start to the program thanks to Professor Stapleton’s rich experience, engaging way of teaching and well prepared case studies… Some major changes to business models on the way! Thank you Larry for enlightening us.

Participant, Executive Education

MSc Engineering Management 2021-23.

technical university of Vienna

Dr. Stapleton is Visiting Professor in Advanced Business Management and Culture…

“This… has been so eye-opening, enlightening, and fun. Thank you so much for everything.”

“Thank you… It has been an extremely interesting and not-so-common (in a positive way!) course.”

Participants’ Feedback, 2022

Education Testimonial

Dr. Stapleton is Program Director for the Irish Management Institute’s Executive Masters in Digital Business.

every SME in the country should take the program.

Executive Participant, 2021-22.

Expert Advisory Services Testimonial

Dr. Stapleton’s interventions through the Irish Commissioner at European level resulted in a deeper appreciation of the importance of organizational culture in safety and risk management systems guidance and policy at the European Agency and led to incorporation of the concept of “organizational culture” into the recast EU Railway Safety Directive.” 

Gerald Beesley, Commissioner for Railway Regulation (retired).

International Guest Speaker and Conference Services Testimonials

the outstanding service award is presented to Dr. Larry Stapleton for sustained outstanding performance in major leadership positions…

Professor Frank Algower, IFAC President, IFAC World Congress Berlin 2020.

sincere gratitude to Dr. Stapleton for .. [his] great contribution to .. the 20th IFAC Conference on Technology, Culture and International Stability, TECIS 2021, Moscow

Professor Dmitry Novikov, Institute Director, Russian Academy of Sciences.


International Guest Speaker and Executive Education Awards

Five times winner of Best International Professor Award as elected by participants

Executive Masters in Engineering Management,

Continuing Education Centre, Vienna.


Keynote Speaker

Keynote Address, FSU Centenary Conference. Radisson Blue Conference Centre.

“Digital Paradigm Shift in Financial Services:
Challenges and Opportunities”


Making the World a Better Place 

Cofounder of …

universal access to technology

international Working Group



Changing Banking Culture through Education 

Designed, Developed and Delivered

BAnking in the Digital Age

Institute of Banking Professional Financial Services Fully Accredited Programme

Over 2000 banking professional graduates to date