Our Vision

.. is of managers, organisations and technologies embracing diversity and adaptability to transform the world for the benefit of all life on this planet.

Our purpose

..to inspire people and their organisations to thrive at the edge of chaos in the pursuit of values-driven business excellence. 

Our passion

We want to be part of a transformation of the business world driven by a new way of thinking about management, technology and organisation.

We want to inspire you to adopt sustainable digital business practices and effective Complexity Management into your organisation’s DNA.

Companies that can do this thrive at the edge of chaos.  

Complexity becomes their edge.

what does a knewfutures engagement look like?

Firstly, we tailor our solutions to your requirements so engagement starts with a conversation focused on your needs. 

Education: Our clients have benefited from bespoke executive education workshops, one on one mentoring and off-the-shelf awareness and education packages. With over thirty-years experience of European accredited executive and higher-education we work with membership networks to provide education direction and management. Our management and leadership education capacity-building projects have helped transform some of the most troubled regions of the world.

Professional Services: clients have benefited one-on-one expert advice, green and white papers, briefing notes and other services prepared to address specific issues with which their leadership team were grappling. 

Industry Keynotes and Events: We deliver key note presentations at international and national events, providing thought-leadership and transformational insights. We also organise international and national conferences and other flagship events with our international partners. 

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